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Fresh Frozen
Achille Succi - alto sax, bass clarinet
Christopher Culpo - piano
Oren Marshall - tuba


Recording Studiowith extensive production and 6 spacious rooms in visual contact, suited to live session, recordings with a new OTARI Elite+ console (developed by founder of API), hard disk recording with PRO TOOLS HD3 accel, professional equipment and outboards, extensive range of high quality microphones, music for advertisements, films and shows, digital multitrack recording of live concerts (groups, orchestra musical bands, choirs).

The studio is equiped with a wonderful FAZIOLI Grand Piano F278, an HAMMOND C3 with Leslie L770 and Leslie L147, Fender RHODES 88 mk I and 73 mk II, acoustic drums Pearl Maple Custom Jazz & Rock sets, U-VOLA Suspended Loudspeakers Mastering Series and Anzile Costantino Speakers Signature Edition.


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