Achille Succi, Saxophonist, Clarinetist and Jazz Composer - Discography
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Achille Succi - alto sax, bass clarinet
Christopher Culpo - piano
Oren Marshall - tuba


Achille Succi had been recently pointed out as one of the european musicians to keep an eye on in the next ten years (Bill Shoemaker, Giornale della musica, january 2010), while Journalist Mario Gamba define him as one of the genious of italian Jazz (Alias, march 20th, 2010).

Mainly self-taught, thought won several scholarships that gave him the chance to learn in the most important schools and workshops in the world (Berklee, D.Liebman masterclasses, Kopenhagen Rhythmic conservatory, Siena Jazz).

To be mentioned also:

"Scoolptures" and "White Sickness" (Leo records), with Nicola Negrini;
"The MANNE I love" (El Gallo rojo Records), with Zeno De Rossi "Shtik" project;
"Todo Chueco"(El Gallo Rojo Records), with Danilo Gallo
"Beauty is a rare thing" (Auand), with Giancarlo Tossani and Synapser;
"Johnny Neel and the italian experience" (Artesuono), with Johnny Neel;
"Peace Warriors"(Black Saint), with Tiziano Tononi;
"Ela's dream"(Splash), with Samo Salamon sextet;
"Euclide"(Splash), with Enten Eller;
"Rivers of Dreams"(Splash), with "Nexus"
"Dancing Roots"(Felmay), with Simone Guiducci "Gramelot" ensemble;
"Più"(Splash), with Ettore Fioravanti's "Belcanto";
"Ladybird"(EGEArecords), with Paolo Damiani;
"Chorale"(Felmay), with Simone Guiducci Gramelot ensemble;
"Canzoni a Manovella", con Vinicio Capossela;
"Urban Griot"(Soul Note): with Giorgio Gaslini and the "Proxima Centauri Orchestra";
"Enigma"(Soul Note), with "Proxima Centauri Orchestra" directed by Giorgio Gaslini;
"Chorale"(Felmay), with Simone Guiducci Gramelot ensemble;
"Seize the time!"(Splash), with "The Nexus Orchestra 2001";
"The legend of the missing link"(Splash), with Herb Robertson;
"Minotrauma"(Leo Records), with the Dolmen Orchestra;
"Florilegium"(Splash), with Ettore Fioravanti;
"Combinazione 1"(V.Veneto Jazz), with Franco d'Andrea;
"We DID it, We DID it!"(Splash), with Tiziano Tononi;
"Cantador"(CR), with Simone Guiducci;
"Eleven"(Philology), with Franco D'Andrea;
"Giraf"(Dacapo), with P.Dørge and the New Jungle Orchestra;
"Geometrie dell'abisso"(Splash), with Caos ensamble;
"Sciarivarì"(Iktius), with S. Guiducci;
"Scherzi, guizzi, e nuove danze", with S. Guiducci and G. Coscia;
"Paz"(Splash) and "Senza Famiglia"(Modern times), with I. Valentini.

Achille Succi also appears in:

"Trios"(Velut luna), with S. Guiducci and Mauro Negri.